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  • What type of plastic are these stencils made of?
    Stencils are made of PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the most common 3D printing material because it is easy to use and is made from renewable resources and thus, biodegradable
  • Do your stencils clip together around the bait?
    The answer to this is Yes and No. These stencils are made to be used one side at a time while the bait is held in somethinig similar to a "helping hands" clamp. However most of my stencils fit together around the bait, just be careful to watch for scratches in the paint of you clamp the stencils around the bait.
  • Can I modify my stencils?
    The stencils can withstand slight modification. It is recommended to use a sharp razor or sand paper.
  • How do I know if the stencil will fit my bait?
    We do our best to list what type of bait the stencil is used for before you purchase. It is best to dry fit the stencil onto the bait before painting the bait. This way if the stencil doesnt fit you wont ruin your paint. Keep in mind that baits may also vary by different manufactures, so dryfit your stencil on multiple baits.
  • Whats the difference between "economy" baits and "premium" baits?"
    There is a size difference between the two baits. Premium baits are taller and have a diffferent side profile. If you paint both ecomony and premium baits and are interested in a single set stencil, we recommend purchasing the premium style stencil. The fit will be loose on the economy bait, but you can position the stencil and save yourself some cash. However if you are interested in a multiple set, you need to purchase the correct stencil for your bait or the design will not line up correctly.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    Yes we ship to Canada. The site won't allow the user to set up shipping to Canada because there is additional paper work that has to be completed for customs. We recommend that you you use the "Contact Us" button, send us the list of stencils that you want and ensure that your email is correct. We will then fill the order and email you an invoice. Then you can pay via Paypal or card. There is free shipping for orders more than $100 USD going to Canada. Once the invoice has been paid your order will be shipped.
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