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  • Dominic Hall

Tackling new paint combinations 

Experimenting with different color combinations for a new and different look under water. I started with a white base. Followed by a coat of pearl silver. One more coat of a candy blue. Used my pattern #6 stencil and darkened the top with blood red candy paint. At first glance it looks purple but with the movement of the bait in the sunlight you can see the color change.

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You know that we have Bandit stencils right?

Yes, we have a large selection of Bandit stencils available for the legit Bandit baits and the KO's. Read through the description on the top of the Bandit page to determine which stencil you need.

Husky Jerk 14's

We have Husky Jerk 14 stencils available for the shallow and deep baits. If there is a design that you want that is not listed message us and we can get that designed. Thanks.


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